Employee disengagement is at an all-time high

Ask any CEO, Human Resources Executive or Director in an organization how to solve this employee epidemic and most often they are scratching their heads saying that they have tried everything from employee perks to state of the art facilities to mindfulness programs. The results unfortunately are mediocre at best.

Why is this so?

Because the root cause of employee dissatisfaction cannot be fully solved at the physical, mental or emotional levels. These levels are just symptoms pointing to something deeper. That is why so many “above the surface” efforts fail. They are merely a band-aid to what’s really occurring.

At the Energy Paradigm, we know that to get to the root of employee disengagement, you have to go one to two levels deeper. That requires an investigation at the energy level of your organization. TEP’s Organizational Energy Assessment is designed to do just that. First, we address the root cause and “energy drains” throughout your organization and then we provide an integrative roadmap to transform them and your organization into a highly-energized state.

The result: Energized people and organizations that accomplish more. Feel more fulfilled. Have greater job satisfaction. And find happiness because they are individually and collectively aligned with the overall optimized energy state of your organization. Want to get to the root of your energy state?


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