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People are not the problem in today's business organizations - they are the solution. As new generations enter the workplace and organizations brace to cope with shortened innovation cycles, steep competition and increased pressures, businesses have a choice: They can give way to external pressures stressing and pushing their operations to the limit or they can strengthen and empower their workforces to become activated, energized, resilient and future proof. That's where humanity and business have an opportunity to join forces to shape our future.

People are energetic by nature

Remember the motivation, drive and enthusiasm that you experienced when starting a new job or project? That enthusiasm is pure energy. That energy makes things happen. It makes you want to go to work. It motivates you to give it your all. It gives you purpose and meaning. It makes you happy. Wouldn't it be great to see that kind of energy at work all the time? Everyone has that energetic potential. People just need the right setting that allows them to "feel it". To feel the "vibe". Every individual, team and organization has a certain frequency, a "vibe" to it. You know it - you can feel it when you go to work. And if that frequency is right and aligned, great things are bound to happen.

We're in the middle of an energy epidemic

Unfortunately we're in the middle of the largest employee engagement epidemic ever. Many have lost their motivation, enthusiasm, drive and energy. Many employees don't feel at home at work. Ask any leader how to solve this energy crisis and most often they are scratching their heads saying that they have tried everything from employee perks to state of the art facilities to mindfulness programs. None of those really work.

Why is this so?

Because the root cause of "not feeling it" cannot be fully solved at the physical, mental or emotional levels. These levels are just symptoms pointing to something deeper. That is why so many “above the surface” efforts fail. They are merely a band-aid to what’s really occurring.

At the Energy Paradigm, we know that to get to the root of the energy epidemic, you have to go below the surface of your operations. That requires an investigation at the energy level of your organization. At The Energy Paradigm we do just that.

The result: Energized people, powerful teams and organizations that accomplish more. Feel more fulfilled. Have greater job satisfaction. And find meaning because they are individually and collectively aligned with the overall optimized energy state of your organization.

Are you ready to feel that kind of energy?


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