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Authenticity At Work
February 05, 2019

In this contribution, Dr. Vic explores what it means to be authentic, dispelling the proverbial hall pass to be blunt, direct and insensitive at work.

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How to upgrade your career
January 14, 2019

This video episode has Dr. Vic talking about first signs of a midlife crisis and why this time is one of the greatest opportunities to make positive changes in your work life. If you align your energy with what you do, you can upgrade your career so you actually want to go to work. How is that?

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Employee Retention — Beyond The Obvious
January 02, 2019

The old practice of hiring & firing is out! Employers are increasingly figuring out that it is cheaper to keep good people than having to hire and onboard new employees. While in the past a simple paycheck might have been enough to make people stay, employers are getting increasingly inventive when it comes to offering sometimes crazy job perks to keep their people happy.

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How to become an authentic leader
December 18, 2018

This video episode has Dr. Vic talking about why leadership books are being used the wrong way, why we should first figure out our own energy and why it matters to care for your employees. Authentic leadership comes from the inside, from the heart. People feel it as it is not something you say, but how you are.

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Perks Cannot Fix A Broken Culture
November 12, 2018

Cool offices, trendy perks and added amenities cannot fix a broken culture, nor can they help retain disgruntled employees or stop employee disengagement. In that case an investigation at the energetic level is warranted.

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