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Motivation - Engagement - Energy - Culture

An energized person, team or company is easy to spot - you can feel it. Their “can do” attitude permeates throughout the organization. This happens when the right people are in the right positions doing the right things with the right energy. They look forward to their daily work. Their accomplishments are recognized. They are working in concert with others. And your organization is energized from the inside out. This is the core work of The Energy Paradigm: Energize your people - energize your future!

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"Finally an initiative that works! Our employees are visibly more motivated and engaged after we retained THE ENERGY PARADIGM. Truly transformational!" - Bertus Cilliers, CFO

Energetic Leadership

True leaders know and understand that the energy of their operations makes all the difference. With that knowledge, they can bring the right level of energy and insight to their position and teams, select and promote the right people, smooth out the highs and lows that affect the workplace and their team, and most importantly, create harmony, cohesion and direction to the organization as a whole. This doesn’t just happen. It requires an advanced understanding of what is needed, and what has to be nurtured. Are your leaders and teams cohesive, self-motivated, inner-activated, and energized? Do they function as one or are they disconnected individuals with undirected goals working in silos? Our energetic approach helps you assess and understand the energy of your teams, providing the first integrated framework that works on all three levels: organizations, teams and individuals. With TEP, you will be able to effectively identify what’s needed now and plan for your future to create an energetic edge.

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"Dr. Vic delivers exactly what many companies need – employees that are energized, collaborating to promote the company, and making everyone feel inclusive." - John Johnson, Regional Head of Controlling Americas & APAC

Future & Change Readiness

Successful companies know that they need to adapt, innovate, grow and change continuously. Do you have the right framework and approach that allows for successful change, transition and implementation? The beauty of The Energy Paradigm is it gives you a new (energetic) lens so you can see what’s needed most in your organization to allow for growth without the growing pains. Change can only be successful if the leadership organization can grow with the company and if the culture and organizational energy are supportive of change. Our tools allow us to assess the energy state of your leadership organization and the readiness of your leadership and teams to up level your organization’s future growth.

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“By far the most valuable project I had brought to our organization!” - Mark Carr, Vice President Human Resources

Business Energetics - The Root Of Business

Are you running your business - Or is your business running you? Productivity, innovation and success of businesses are generated long before we venture into any business activity and long before we see any numbers - on the energetic level. As soon as we see numbers such as declining sales, employee disengagement, higher employee turnover or sick leave, we have already missed the trend. We therefore need to go levels deeper to the energetic side of business if we want to stay ahead of the curve, before things happen. Business Energetics addresses the talent and potential side of organizations and how to activate it properly. It's the way people feel, the way they innovate, engage, communicate and collaborate with each other. It's the way how Leadership, Management and Human Resources shape the culture of their organization. All these together happen at the root of business, before we see any activity and before we see any results. Are you ready to look into the business energetics of your organization?

"I relied on Victor's counsel and expertise to help me build and develop critical leadership within the USA Manufacturing Group." - Kevin Cory, Chief People Officer

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  • Energetic Interviewing: Interview & Selection Training for Hiring Managers & HR
  • Energetic Leadership: Energize Your Team and Set Your People Up For Success
  • Motivation & Employee Engagement: An Interactive Presentation & Workshop