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At the Energy Paradigm we help you identify, activate and align your grain and energy type to empower your most important life and career decisions: Whether you are just starting out, looking for the right job, seeking to upgrade or relaunch your career, acquire authentic leadership skills, or if you're stuck and trying to work things out, we have you covered.

Find renewed meaning and purpose for life and work. Identify who you really are. Get guidance and a roadmap that allows for your gifts to be shared with the world. Find out what you're really supposed to do. Instead of checking part of yourself out, bring yourself in fully. Instead of holding back, go out there to deliver your best work. Instead of blending in, shine your light. Instead of trying to say the right thing, speak from your heart and soul. Now that's true magic and alchemy!

Discover Your Magic
with Dr. Vic

Discover Your Magic:

There is much more to you than you might think: You have a grain, a pattern, a natural way and approach to work, to life, to be. Your grain is unique. It's rooted in your very own energy. And from that grain comes your true power, talent and potential. Imagine what happens if you align your work and life to your grain.

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Energy Alchemy
with Danielle

Energy Alchemy:

Danielle consults with individuals as energy alchemist and guide. With her ability to tune in to gain energetic insight and guidance, she has the unique ability to provide clarity and energetic alignment to help you on your path towards a new level of meaning for your life and work. A truly transformational offering!

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Being in alignment with your grain and energy has the power to transform your life and career! Having assessed, profiled and supported individuals for over 20 years around the globe has shown us time again that career and life success largely depends on the proper activation and alignment of who you really are so you can make full use of your talent, skills, capabilities and smarts. So you can show up fully and authentically every day. It's the energy and attitude you bring to your work-life every day that make all the difference in the world.

Beyond The Ordinary | How are we different?

Our approach goes to the core of what drives you. You can call it your "essence", "grain" or "groove". We call it your energy type. That's why we take an in-depth look into your energy to distill your magic - your personal success factors, your talent, your gift. Once you understand your magic, you will be able to fully step into your own power to make the right choices - for life and work. Choices that will set you up for success and that will help you find purpose and determine your contribution to humanity. That's your magic and alchemy.

How does it work?

At the Energy Paradigm we help you identify, activate and align your energy type to empower your most important career decisions: Whether you are just starting out, looking for a good match in terms of employers, looking to upgrade or relaunch your career, acquire authentic leadership skills or grow your business, we have you covered. Just select a program that best fits your situation and we will take it from there. And if you don't know where to start, send us an email with your story so we can help you pick and choose:

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Our sessions are intensive one-one-one meetings that take place via video conferencing. No matter where you are in your career, we have you covered:

Start Out Strong!

Just starting out and not sure which direction is the right one? We help you launch with intention and purpose.

The Right Fit

The Right Fit For You!

On the lookout for a new job? We can give you the right tools that will show you how to turn the tables in your direction and find the right fit.

Energize & Engage

Upgrade Your Career!

Already experienced and looking to shift or change things? We can help you find renewed motivation and passion to energize your career.


Lead Authentically!

Do you want to make a difference as a leader? Customize your very own approach to leadership that will help you lead from your core.


Business Owners
Grow Your Business!

You've successfully started your business and are ready to grow it from here. Avoid the growing pains and set your organization up for sustainable growth.