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We launch people

The Energy Paradigm not only launches companies into highly-energized entities, we launch people too. Not by just editing resumes and creating actions plans, although these steps are important ones as well. But these should be the outcome of an in-depth look into what makes that person thrive. This is where we begin -- at an overlooked yet highly essential requirement of every job and career. The fundamental right to achieve happiness.

What do we mean by that?

The path to your career and life happiness is not only obtainable, but actually achievable for you right now when you know yourself and what makes you thrive. Confucius, the famous Chinese philosopher said it best, “When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.” That happens when you are energetically aligned with who you are and where you belong. Our energy assessment sessions are designed to reveal this and much more.

How we do it?

We offer a free introductory call and three laser focused paid sessions: Energize Your Career, A Roadmap To Happiness, Interview Your Future Employer. Meeting with us is easy: All of our meetings take place via video conferencing. Scheduling is easy too with our online scheduler using the links below each session. Payment is requested automatically upfront through the scheduler (except for the free call of course). Once you book a meeting, we will send you a text message and email with further instructions and the link to our video conference room. You will also receive reminder emails so you don't miss your meeting. We're looking forward to meeting with you!

"THE ENERGY PARADIGM helped me discover and harness my talent, power and potential. Victor and Danielle created my energy profile with impressive precision. Their insight helped me understand what's right for me so I can be ready for the future and set myself up for success." - Jacqueline S.

Energize Your Career

Job one for a successful career is understanding you: Your behaviors, strengths and triggers. How you reason and how you act. What your thoughts, tendencies and natural instincts are. Not just from the mental or emotional levels, but from the energetic level, which is fundamentally more accurate.

Our Energy Assessment
Let's find out what is your energetic core, what makes you flow, what keeps you engaged and where you thrive most. And just as important, let's find out what you need to avoid. Once this is identified, you will be in the driver’s seat to finding rich, meaningful and authentic work that infuses you with energy, instead of draining it away.

If you are just starting out, there is no better path to your intrinsic happiness than beginning with the Energy Paradigm Assessment to energize and launch your career from the get-go. If you are already launched and looking to perhaps pivot from where you are or take a whole new path, our assessment will be like a compass, guiding you in the right direction.

“I had an enlightening session with Danielle and Victor. They were able to accurately assess my working style and help me consider steps to improve my current work as well as what I might want to pursue in the future. They were fun, conversational and incredibly insightful. I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their current work, looking to put together a team, or hire new staff. - Jane B. Jones

A Roadmap To Happiness

Chances are no one in your work life has ever asked you what would make you happy? Perhaps you aren’t sure yourself. After our Roadmap To Happiness session, you will. What is your hierarchy of needs? What is non-negotiable for your personal and professional happiness?

The Happiness Profile will:

  • Explore potential career choices that are aligned with who you are
  • Suggest work settings that actually work for you
  • Pinpoint your needs to learn new or unlearn old habits
  • Help you develop your very own list of non-negotiables, things that are a must for your happiness

Once we understand what moves you, we will create an Integrated Energy Road Map that moves you toward your ideal career path and goals.

Interview Your Future Employer

This is where the rubber meets the road. Now that you know how you tick and what makes you thrive, we will devise a customized plan of action to get you there. Yes, a job is not just something you should take. It is something you should choose. And now you can choose wisely.

Interview Your Future Employer includes:

  • Employer planning, depending on your energy assessment and happiness roadmap
  • An in-depth review of your resume from a recruiting perspective
  • Support in matching your profile against the profile you communicate through your resume
  • Interview training with mock interviews and preparation of potential interview questions