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Grow Your Business!

"Victor worked with me when I opened 4 manufacturing plants in a very short time, employing over 4000 people manufacturing Wind Turbines for the USA. Victor is an experienced, flexible, and innovative resource helping companies to drive Leadership Effectiveness, Mentoring, and Developmental Strategies for companies wanting to be industry leading and world class. I highly recommend Victor and thank him for his partnership and friendship during critical times for Vestas in the USA." — Kevin Cory, Chief People Officer

You have already successfully started your business and now it's time to grow and take it to the next level. Hiring the right people and setting your organization up for sustainable growth are critical at this time. Let us help you grow your organization without the growing pains because too many organizations tend to fail during this crucial period. We are master profilers with 20+ years of experience in Business Profiling and Organizational Energetics, helping business owners and entrepreneurs set their organizations up for successful growth. This package leverages all of our knowledge and experience to help you get your business to the next level.

Getting Started

To begin and prepare for our package, we will ask you to complete our Executive-Energy-Questionnaire as well as our Business-Energetics-Questionnaire. Both will enable us to prepare for our upcoming sessions.

During our highly customized one-on-one online or in-person sessions we will:

  • Analyze your organization for growth opportunities, potential pitfalls and growth resistance
  • Measure and explore the energetic state of your current organization incl. improvement potential
  • Analyze your organizational layout (layers & spans) and make suggestions how to make it growth compatible
  • Help you adjust the energetics of positions that need to be redefined or filled to ensure scalability
  • Integrate the above findings to define your customized approach to successful organizational growth
  • Interview and assess you to access and uncover your personal energy profile and individual grain
  • Share with you what energetic traits to look for in people for key positions
  • Pinpoint what people to surround yourself with that will be able to effectively support you to get your organization to the next level

How does it work?

Our Business Growth Package for business owners, entrepreneurs and startup executives is tailored to your specific needs. The scope of the package highly depends on your situation and specifications.

Please use the buttons below to schedule your online Free Business Growth Meeting to discuss your situation, or contact us via email to make an appointment.

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