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Dr. Vic is an energetic and uplifting speaker who has the ability to capture a room and move the crowd. Relating to his audience on a personal and emotional level, his presentations are real, heartfelt, eye-opening and empowering at the same time. Not your typical speaker, Dr. Vic speaks directly from his heart and soul.

Selected Topics:
  • THE ENERGETICS OF BUSINESS - Highlighting the need to profoundly change our approach to business, employment, leadership and organizations. A must for the 21st century!
  • WHAT'S IN YOUR BACKPACK? - Emphasizing the need to first look within to change how we work and live our lives - a truly transformative speech!
  • DO YOU SEE? - Focusing on the need to truly "see" people, their talent, their potential and their purpose to create win-win-situations in any type of organization.
"Victor captivated the room with his deep understanding of workforce issues in Corporate America and his commitment to help solving them through The Energy Paradigm. His voice and work provide fresh insights and paradigm-shifting tools that can change the way we do business today." - Carolyn Parrs, CEO
“Victor Porak de Varna speaks with worldly energy as he shares his universal message, connects from his heart, and inspires his audience to join him there.” - Jani McCarty, Coach & Author