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Dr. Vic

Dr. Vic is an energetic and uplifting (keynote) speaker, who has the ability to capture a room and move the crowd. Speaking to organizations, teams, groups and associations, Dr. Vic relates to his audience on a personal and emotional level. His presentations are heartfelt, eye-opening and empowering at the same time. Not your typical speaker, Dr. Vic speaks directly from his heart and soul. His speeches are captivating and moving and have been attributed to initiating positive changes in individuals, teams and organizations.

These topics are a great starting place for your event:
  • THE ENERGY PARADIGM - Highlighting the need to profoundly change the way we look at people, employment, leadership and organizations.
  • WHAT'S IN YOUR BACKPACK? - Emphasizing the need to first look within to change how we work and live our lives - a truly transformative speech!
  • EVERYBODY DESERVES TO BE SEEN - Focusing on the need to truly "see" people, their talent, their potential, their calling to create win-win-situations for any type of organization.


Danielle is a voice to be reckoned with. Highly engaging and heartfelt, she is on a mission when it comes to women in leadership, self care and changing requirements with Millennials moving up the ranks.

These topics are a great starting place to find the best speech for your event:
  • MILLENNIALS AHEAD, taking the audience into the world of millennials who are slowly changing the way organizations treat their people. If you want to stay in business, you need to know this.
  • TAKE CARE NOW, sharing with the audience what it means to take care of yourself - body, mind and soul - to counteract the depletion of energies and the emergence of sickness that is related to employment.
  • WHO SAID? - A wake-up call to stand up, claim your power and stand your ground, teaching you that it's time to listen to yourself instead of others.