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Future State Readiness

What Is Future State Readiness?

Future State Readiness refers to the capability of your organization to implement and digest strategic growth strategies and/or transformative change initiatives. In both cases, your leadership team and organizational structure need to be able to support the transformation of your business towards a strategic future state. Future State Readiness takes new and shifting business demands into account with the goal of establishing an optimized leadership organization to ensure leadership effectiveness throughout the transition and in the intended future state.

How Can I Use It?

Future State Readiness initiatives are used to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of your leadership organization. Whether you’re facing periods of strong growth, increased competition, the need to innovate, or global expansion, your leadership organization needs to be ready to deal with and successfully handle the changing landscape. An FSR Initiative therefore does two things: (1) It assesses the functionality of your leadership organization and (2) it ensures your leadership’s capabilities to successfully fulfill their roles through transformational change and in the future state of your organization. Short, it enables you to identify areas within your leadership organization that require special attention to ensure viability in the future state.

How Will This Help Me?

Too many transformational change initiatives fail because of an organization that is constantly pushed beyond it's limits. By color-coding your organization chart, we will pinpoint the need for adjustments, development and strategic change to ensure that your organization is ready for your future state - even before you start heading in that direction. Additionally, we can review the spans and layers of your organization to ensure leadership effectiveness. Are you ready for what's coming next?