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Energetic Leadership

What Is Energetic Leadership?

There is no one proven way to effective leadership and the sheer multitude of available approaches can be confusing and discouraging at the same time. Energetic Leadership is a highly customized approach to leadership that leverages your very own strengths, capabilities, tendencies and energies that you bring to the job. Following the motto: "Be you - because everyone else is taken", we encourage leaders to discover their very own approach, because trying to be somebody else is like wearing a mask. Your people will know the difference.

How Can I Use It?

Energetic Leadership is a two-way-approach as it not only takes your own energies and tendencies into account, it also accounts for the elemental composition of your direct reports, making it a highly dynamic and flexible approach to leadership that truly fits yourself, your people and your organization. By founding your leadership approach on your own tendencies and adjusting your leadership approach to the elemental composition of your direct reports, you will be able to effectively leverage the strengths, talent and potential in each of your employees. The goal is to create win-win situations where your people are truly empowered and more engaged to work for the common goal.

How Will This Help Me?

Too many leaders struggle trying to implement a leadership approach that is not a reflection of who they truly are. Our approach to Energetic Leadership will enable you to leverage your own strengths, talent and potential as well as that of your teams. Using a two-step-approach, we first help you develop your very own leadership style, before we will help you understand each of your direct reports to customize your leadership approach to your people. Typical results are increased employee engagement, increased innovation, higher retention rates as well as higher overall productivity.