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Leadership Quality Gates

What Is A Leadership Quality Gate?

A Leadership Quality Gate (LQG) is a type of single-person assessment center that allows hiring managers and human resources to make smart hiring and promotion decisions. Usually based on a leadership competency model, the LQG evaluates candidates as to their suitability to successfully fill a specific leadership role.

How Can I Use It?

Leadership Quality Gates are used to ensure the suitability of internal candidates that are up for promotion and external candidates that are being considered to fill a leadership role. As the graph on the right shows, it makes sense to use several gates within an organization, depending on role level seniority and complexity. The outcome of a LQG is twofold: (1) It maps a candidate against role demands, thus determining suitability and potential success in the role; (2) It makes recommendations as to the development needs of the candidate to successfully transition into the new role.

How Will This Help Me?

Too many employments fail because of misunderstandings, unmet expectations, frustration and early disengagement. The first three to six months of every new employment - whether based on hiring or promoting - are crucial to the success just because of those unknown factors. It usually takes that time to "figure each other out". Our Leadership Quality Gates provide you with three things: (1) They shorten the getting-to-know-each-other-time down from 3+ months to a few days, (2) They give you the information to make the right personnel decision with all eyes open, and (3) They provide you with the information you need to successfully lead and develop your new employee.