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One morning, Victor couldn’t get out of bed. No matter what his pregnant wife Danielle did or said could make him go to a job that he did not want to return to - an environment defined by abrasiveness, bullying, unethical behavior, indifference -- and a complete lack of leadership. Yet, she couldn’t blame him. Danielle understood the weight of this more than anyone else, having experienced her own share of dysfunctional workplaces throughout her own career. Their collective discontent of an obviously deeply broken system (employee disengagement is at an all time high) was a defining moment for both of them.

What had happened? How can highly engaged and productive employees end up in a state of complete dis-engagement and even resignation? Determined to get to the root of this malady, Dr. Victor Porak de Varna and Danielle Porak de Varna have dedicated their professional lives to addressing the human side of business and corporate growth. Their in-depth research has exposed the same thing time and time again. Surface remedies such as perks, programs and yet another assessment to “fix” employee turnover or disengagement are often erroneous and fleeting. Why? Because they don’t go to the root of the problem.

The Energy Paradigm is the culmination of years of study and research into the energetic core of organizations and the people in them. Its integrated system goes beyond the physical, emotional and mental levels to the energetic core of an organization to where the true issues reside. When you “see” from that lens, the path becomes clear. It exposes the energy leaks as well as the seeds of success, often dormant or hidden. Personal job satisfaction increases, you attract the right talent and retain the right people, and everything grows -- including your bottom line.