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Our Story

The Initial Idea

It was on a Friday in late summer of 2014 that the initial idea for THE ENERGY PARADIGM was born over fried chicken and waffles at Devil's Food in Denver, CO. And yes, we do have a napkin to prove it! What happened that day, started a conversation about finding a different approach to business, leadership and human resources altogether. A person-centric approach that would starkly contrast from what we call "the old paradigm" that is so ubiquitous in today's business around the globe. While the old paradigm treats people like machines, forcing them to perform even against their beliefs and tendencies, we advocate for the alternative human-approach, where business, organizations and teams are created around the human element. Where everyone can bring in their A-game. Where their talent is activated. Where everyone matters and is allowed to shine. Where nobody gets left behind.

Our Philosophy

We help individuals, teams and organizations transform and implement a new approach of working, employment and leadership that activates the talent and energizes teams. THE ENERGY PARADIGM impacts how you hire and promote your people. It transforms your approach to HR and leadership. It changes the way you look at yourself and others. It brings out the best in everybody. Instead of pegging people into jobs, this is about discovering and leveraging what each individual can bring to the plate and shape work around it. Because if you work with your "inner grain" - your natural tendencies - then work will not feel like work. There will be less stress and anxiety in the workplace. Employment will be highly successful. People will love coming to work and customers will feel the difference. Implementing THE ENERGY PARADIGM creates a win-win situation for everybody involved.

Benefits are high engagement, low turnover, low mis-hires, low sick leave, boosted innovation, increased leadership effectiveness, improved bottom line, and most importantly: an organization on fire and teams on a mission!