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People Are Not Robots

Too many people suffer in their present employments, experiencing a lack of energy and drive. There's no passion when people are pegged into jobs that are not a fit with who they are. Employee engagement is alarmingly low. People are pushed beyond their limits. Increased sick leave and high turnover are indicators that how we employ people is failing. Leadership is too much focused on short term revenue instead of maintaining the energy of their teams. Talent acquisition, talent management, succession planning and bench strength are not working as long as we remain in the old paradigm of the "machine age" - where people are treated like robots.

Talent Remains Untapped

The old paradigm of employment, human resources and leadership creates a lose-lose situation, where employees get sick over time and organizations don't get their money's worth because they fail to activate and maintain the talent and passion in their people. We need a new approach. We need a shift from the machine age to the human age, where people are not shaped to fill certain positions but where positions and organizations are created around their most important asset: people. Instead of hiring, promoting, leading and developing individuals to fill certain positions and function like robots, we need to start shaping organizations, positions and roles around human capabilities. That's the only sustainable way how to generate passion and flow in organizations.

Transforming Employment, Leadership and Human Resources

THE ENERGY PARADIGM offers a dramatic shift in how we look at people: Let's hire people for their energy and their potential. Let's shape roles and positions after the natural tendencies of the people you hire or already have on board. Let's build, grow and expand the energy of your workforce by shaping organizations, teams and roles around the capabilities and tendencies of people. Let's activate the talent that is already there.

Everybody has talent and purpose - let's find it and put it to great use. An organization that allows their people to fully be themselves is a highly energized organization, where people feel comfortable to bring themselves in, where they know they make a difference, where they know they matter. That's THE ENERGY PARADIGM. That's how you can take your organization to the next level.