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What Moves Us

THE ENERGY PARADIGM was born out of necessity. The founders - each in their own way - experienced that the old system of organizations and employment are failing. Too many people live lives without any direction and purpose. Too many people need to medicate to survive just another day at the office. Too many people are suffering through stress and anxiety. Too many people have resigned into a life of quiet desperation.

We're here to change that. We're THE ENERGY PARADIGM. Check out our vision, mission and values


Improving lives across the globe – one person, one team and one organization at a time.


We help people, teams and organizations realize their full potential. We do this by helping individuals understand their talent and purpose and how they can positively impact their organization. And by helping leaders create a culture of passion and flow - where employees feel seen and know they matter – thereby setting their organizations up for sustainable growth. That kind of organization will ultimately impact the quality of the lives of everybody involved - globally.


  • Everyone has talent, everyone has purpose - let's find it!
  • Everyone has passion, everyone has "A-game" - let's activate it!
  • Everyone matters, everyone can shine - nobody gets left behind!