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03 June

03 - We Need A Movement

In the second installment of The Energy Paradigm Show on Transformation Talk Radio, Dr. Vic and Dr. Pat discuss how what we value defines our lives, how we have co-created (knowingly or unknowingly) what we're seeing today (whether we like it or not), how capital has pushed humanity aside in many parts of our lives, how what companies value defines our work and how the labels we put on things and people create friction. What we need is a global reset - a movement - a new paradigm for humanity.

Topics discussed include:

  • - Covid is making the invisible visible
  • - Capital has pushed humanity aside in our society
  • - What we see today, we have co-created, whether we like it or not
  • - It's people vs. capital that defines our future
  • - People are not machines or robots, we have infinite potential
  • - How can we find humanity in organizations and at work
  • - A very personal message of His Holiness The Dalai Lama for humanity
  • - We need a movement - we need a new paradigm

The time to wake up is now! Question everyone and everything - no matter the source. Don't follow blindly, rather lead your own life, steer your own ship. Don't delegate your power to someone who tells you they are in charge or know better. Think critically. Open your eyes. It's time to follow the paradigm that resonates with your spirit, heart and soul.

Let's create a new way! Let's transcend fear and mistrust and all the labels that divide us. Let's start with kindness, compassion and an open heart. It doesn't cost anything. We all struggle in one way or another. Let's give each other some slack.

United we stand - divided we fall! The time is now! The decision is yours...

Watch the full episode here: