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Hiring and promoting "the right people" makes the biggest difference for any type of organization. Get it wrong and you'll face delays, sunk cost and much frustration. Getting it right is therefore not "optional", "nice to have", or "hit and miss" - it's imperative!

We're experts in candidate interviewing and selection. Our approach is different as it goes beyond personality to what really drives people - to the core of engagement.

Creating and supporting the right team dynamics is crucial to ensure smooth operations. Get it right and your teams will experience high energy states of alignment and flow. Get it wrong and you'll experience unnecessary friction.

We're experts in team energy and teams dynamics. Our approach is unique in the way we facilitate team cohesion, effective communication, collaboration and delivery.

Hire For Engagement

Energize Your Teams



The culture of your organization has the power to make or break your business. A healthy culture allows for employees to show up, feel safe, contribute and to be present. A strong culture energizes and engages individuals and teams to do the right thing.

We're experts in motivation, engagement and energy of individuals, teams and organizations. Let us help you create a culture that your people will love being a part of.

If you don't like people, you have no business in leadership! Real leadership is all about people and not about power, prestige and a big paycheck. Real leadership understands the energy and engagement of organizations. Real leadership empowers people and teams.

We're experts in engagement and energy leadership. Our approach is a complete departure from classic leadership approaches in that it focuses on the human element in organizations.

Reset Your Culture

Reframe Leadership

Tap Into The Full Energetic Potential Of Your Organization

At The Energy Paradigm we help organizations, teams and individuals unlock the HOW TO of PEOPLE & CULTURE to help them tap into their full energetic potential:

  • Hiring & Promoting: How to interview, assess and select the right people for your team.
  • Change & Future Readiness: How to generate a culture that supports change and growth in your organization.
  • Leadership: How to lead your organization to maintain a healthy culture and work environment so your people are empowered to work their magic.
  • Navigation: How to navigate the undercurrents of your organization to address human challenges before they can take hold in your organization.
  • Team Energy: How to align and balance your teams to support collaboration and communication - and avoid friction and silos.
  • Culture: How to shape the culture of your organization so it becomes a second home for you and your people.

Our candidate interviews and assessments are a game changer for organizations. We go far beyond personality assessments by focusing on human energetics and how they play out in teams and work environments.

Our culture services center around the energetics of organizations, teams and individuals. Going beyond typical cultural initiatives, we focus on the frequency and vibe of organizations, on team energetics and how your people feel at work so you can optimize your culture without having to invest into costly and often unnecessary perks.