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Truly Transformational Leadership is all about the ability to unlock the magic that resides in people, teams and organizations. Such leadership focuses primarily on the proper activation and wellbeing of others with the goal of creating a state of energetic alignment and flow in your organization. To be able to implement a form of leadership that truly makes a difference for your people and your organization, you need to uncover the specific needs of your organization to truly thrive and grow.


Your success and the success of your organization heavily depends on having engaged people on board. People who are present. People who love to come to work. People who are willing and able to work their magic. What we've learned over the span of thousands of interviews and assessments is that talent, skills, qualifications, expertise, education and smarts become more effective and even amplified if they are placed in the right environment that allows for people to thrive, shine and work their magic. The environment that you create with your leadership makes all the difference. It's the energy, attitude and spark of every individual and how it is activated that makes it all happen. Imagine the possibilities if you start tapping into that magic.


We're matchmakers for organizations and their people. Having assessed thousands of candidates over the years has shown us that selecting "the right" candidates cannot be reduced to a mere vetting of skills, qualifications, capabilities and expertise, backed up with sterile interview questions. Too many employments have failed with costly consequences. And too many qualified and bright people have been set up for failure and disengagement because of a mismatch. What really sets candidates apart is their engagement and ability to be present in their job. That's why we focus on individual tendencies, emotions and needs when we assess people and how those fit into your organization and to your leadership.


Dr. Vic

Meet Dr. Vic, The Leadership Profiler

Dr. Vic is an interviewing, assessment and people profiling expert with 20+ years of experience, supporting small, mid and large enterprises - locally and globally. Having supported Global Fortune 500 Companies in 21 industries, he has learnt that in the end success comes down to the energy and spark of candidates: Whether their energy is a match to the role, the team and the organization.

Everybody has a natural grain, a groove how they approach work and life. Imagine the possibilities if you can align the grain of candidates - their spark - with that of your team and organization. That's what Dr. Vic provides: He gives you exactly the information you need to make sure it is a match.

"Dr. Vic is a master profiler. In my 30+ years of experience, I've never seen anybody go as deep when assessing people" - Mark Carr, Clinical Psychologist & Head of Human Resources


Beyond The Ordinary | How is this different?

Our approach goes to the core of what drives people. You can call it "essence", "grain" or "groove". We call it energy type. That's why we take an in-depth look into the energy of candidates to distill the magic - the personal success factors, the talent, the gift that everyone brings to the plate. Once you understand the magic of your people and their spark, you will be able to help them fully step up into their own power and potential to deliver their best work.

Being in alignment with your grain and energy has the power to transform your life and career! Having assessed, profiled and supported individuals for over 20 years around the globe has shown us time again that career and life success largely depends on the proper activation and alignment of who you really are with what you're supposed to do so you can make full use of your talent, skills, capabilities and smarts. So you can show up fully and authentically every day. It's the energy and attitude you bring to your work-life every day that make all the difference in the world.

Here's How It Works

Our engagement assessments are conducted via video conferencing (saving you time as well as travel, accommodation, per diem and other coordination expenses). Our assessments are straightforward and to the point (no fluff), convenient (video conferencing) and cost-effective. We believe that nobody knows your business better than you. And we know that we truly "see" the engagement potential in people: their drive, motivation, energy and magic. So let's join forces to set your business up for success and help you make the best people decisions possible. In-person assessments can be scheduled upon request.