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"The Energy Paradigm gets employees to stop thinking and working in protected, selfish mindsets, and pushes the thought of 1 team working together, and promoting each other, to achieve the company's common goals.." - John Johnson, Executive

From highly energized to disengaged, from asleep to hyperactive: Leaders know that the energetic state of their teams makes all the difference. With that knowledge, they can bring the right level of energy and insight to their position and teams, select and promote the right people, smooth out the highs and lows that affect the workplace and their team, and most importantly, create harmony, cohesion and direction to the organization as a whole. This doesn’t just happen. It requires an advanced understanding of what is needed, and what has to be nurtured. Are your teams cohesive, self-motivated, inner-activated, and properly energized? Do they function as one or are they disconnected individuals with undirected goals working in silos? Engaged Teams helps you assess, understand and align the energies of your teams so you can create the right cohesion and alignment in your organization that helps people show up, be present, perform better and work together.


"I relied on Victor's counsel and expertise to successfully hire, build and develop strategic leadership within the USA Manufacturing Group." - Kevin Cory, Chief People Officer

Getting the people side of your business right is crucial to growth and success of your organization. Generating the right energy and flow in your teams is a big part of that. It all starts with hiring and promoting in a way that brings out the best in each team member. But it cannot end there. Too many teams experience friction and other avoidable inefficiencies. Once you have assembled a team of highly qualified people, the real work starts: How to generate cohesion, alignment, communication, collaboration and mutual understanding. That's where we come in to facilitate the dynamics of your team. We offer the following team trainings & workshops:

  • Energy at Work: Tapping into team energy to leverage strengths and reduce friction
  • Energetic Interviewing: Interview & Selection Training for Hiring Managers
  • Energetic Leadership: Energize Your Team and Set Your People Up For Success