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Energy Paradigm Podcast

The old paradigm of employment, leadership and human resources is not working!

Too many people are disengaged - at work and in their lives. Too many people feel stuck, undervalued and frustrated. Too many people have given up or medicate to get through a normal day.

This podcast has been created because we believe the world will be a better place if people start paying attention to their own energy - their "umpf" - and if organizations start subscribing to a human sustainability, treating their people like humans, not like machines.

Each episode is dedicated inspire and instigate change. Listen to their story and advice for peers and the next generation. Deep down inside, there's a game changer in you too. It's time to wake up and take action!


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Episode 6: CG Funk - Mind Your Body

In this episode, Dr. Vic chats with CG Funk, a former senior executive of Massage Envy, who was instrumental in rolling out Massage Envy's franchise to make therapeutic touch accessible to all. CG is a visionary and multiple award winner who was inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame. We’re discussing what massages can do for you, the role of energy work and therapeutic touch and how being in your body and allowing yourself to feel can truly change your life.

Episode 5: Dr. Vic & Danielle discuss Employee Engagement

In our fifth episode, Danielle, Chief Energy Officer of THE ENERGY PARADIGM, interviews Dr. Vic, Founder and CEO of THE ENERGY PARADIGM, on Employee Engagement. We explore the difference between employee engagement and performance management, why current employee engagement programs fall short or completely miss the mark, how to get to the root cause of employee engagement and why organizations need to shift the paradigm of employment, leadership and human resources altogether to successfully address employee engagement issues. Enjoy!

Episode 4: Devi Records - Get Your INNER GAME On

In this episode I chat with Devi Records – a teacher, a counselor and a psychotherapist who is teaching leaders consciousness and mindfulness by seeking the conversation under the conversation. Adapting her approach to family counseling, Devi is helping organizations, leaders and teams get their inner game on.

We discuss how consciousness and mindfulness can help leaders, why you should listen to your body when you get upset, fearful or anxious and how counseling companies doesn’t differ much from marriage counseling. Sharing her powerful insight, Devi is a call to action that we need to get our inner game on, if we want to master our outer game.

Episode 3: Cheri Plett - Neuroscience Leadership & Performance Management

In our third episode I meet with Cheri Plett – an Organizational Development expert and researcher in neuroscience who is seeking to build brain-friendly environments to improve performance in organizations and leadership.
We discuss how she got into organizational development, her interested in neuroscience, what happens to our brains during a performance review, why it matters what we believe about other people, how experiential development can help your organization and why it matters to create brain-friendly working environments.

Episode 2: Carolyn Parrs - Break the Glass Ceiling

In our second episode, I speak with Carolyn Parrs, a seasoned marketing expert, CEO of Mind Over Markets and the founder of "Women of Green" and "Women as Game Changers" - two activist groups with international following. Carolyn is a strong advocate for sustainable living and an avid supporter for women who want to get into business for themselves. We'll discuss how Carolyn got into marketing, how she became a true game changer in her field, how women can break the glass ceiling and make a difference in the world and what young women need to know when they start out.

Episode 1: Mark Carr - From Everest to Boardroom

In this first episode of THE ENERGY PARADIGM podcast, we meet with Mark Carr, an avid mountaineer who has climbed all of the seven tallest summits on all continents. With over 30 years of international experience in Human Resources and having worked for Fortune 100 companies, Mark is a change agent in his field. We'll discuss how Mark became a game changer, how organizations can tackle the engagement epidemic, why performance reviews are obsolete, the future of Human Resources and his personal legacy.