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Discover The True Potential And Magic Of You

Contrary to public belief, the biggest untapped resource in every organization is hidden in plain sight: You. Individuals, teams and entire organizations have much more to offer than we like to believe and than can be seen readily. What's needed is a different perspective, a new angle how to look at people. A new paradigm.

Join Dr. Vic in his quest to take a fresh look at business organizations and the people who work for them. Realize that your people are more than machines or robots. Understand that people are not limited to their KSAs, education, experience or background. Discover the infinite potential and magic that everyone possesses. Break through preconceived notions that there are better or lesser people: Forget about High Potentials, A Teams, Heavy Hitters and Rain Makers. Everyone has the potential to show up, step up and work their magic - if you know how to identify, activate and tap into it.

Every organization needs to learn how to tap into that potential and how to navigate what happens below the surface, on the invisible and energetic levels of their operations. To identify and manage talent, potential and also energetic undercurrents and how they impact the business. To help employees feel welcome. To help your people find meaning and purpose. To help teams collaborate and communicate without friction. To help leadership balance, harmonize and align their organizations to reach their goals. To assess and fine tune the culture ("vibe" or “hum”) of their operations to discover, activate and empower the magic of their people.

Imagine the shift that you can initiate for yourself, your team and your organization if you look at people, teams and organizations from this new vantage point. You have the potential to initiate such profound transformation to your organization that will transform you and your employees into a force to be reckoned with. Are you ready to work your magic?

Advocating The Power Of Humanity In Business

Dr. Vic brings a new paradigm to the people and culture side of businesses. A paradigm that honors humanity in business and the pure potential that can be found in anyone. A pioneer of Business Profiling, Human Sustainability and Business Energetics, Dr. Vic addresses the unseen energetic and emotional layers that drive performance and wellbeing of individuals, teams and business organizations. Providing a new perspective and different lens, Dr. Vic invites individuals and organizations to not only rethink their approach to business but also to humanity. To create business initiatives and businesses around people, instead of processes and procedures. To strengthen the human element at work and in our lives. Relating to his audience on a personal and emotional level, his presentations and workshops are thought-provoking, real, heartfelt, eye-opening, empowering and fun at the same time. Dr. Vic is an authentic speaker who speaks directly from his 20+ years experience working with organizations globally and from his heart and soul.

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"Victor captivated the room with his deep understanding of workforce issues in Corporate America and his commitment to help solving them through The Energy Paradigm. His voice and work provide fresh insights and paradigm-shifting tools that can change the way we do business today." - Carolyn Parrs, CEO
"Looking for the right way to improve employee engagement and motivation throughout our organization, Dr. Vic was able to go deeper to identify and address root causes of energy drains and disengagement in our organization. Our employees are visibly more motivated and engaged after Dr. Vic's presentation and workshop. A truly transformational initiative!" - Bertus Cilliers, CFO & Board Member
“Victor is a knowledgeable, passionate and articulate advocate for the power of channelling the positive energy and talent of people and teams in the workplace. His speaking style is an engaging combination of intellect, logic, story and heart! A delight.” - Amelia Warren, CEO
“Victor Porak de Varna speaks with worldly energy as he shares his universal message, connects from his heart, and inspires his audience to join him there.” - Jani McCarty, Coach
"My experience hearing Victor Porak de Varna speak was transporting, as I listened to a wise man of the heart point the way to a path of thriving in business that transcends business itself, and includes the engine of human potential that creates new worlds." - Kathleen Hanagan, Author
"Victor's story combined with his expertise makes for an entertaining, impactful and educational experience." - Amy Jo Martin, NY Times Bestselling Author & host of Why Not Now? podcast