Danielle Porak de Varna, M.Ed

Chief Energy & Happiness Officer

Danielle is the Co-Founder of THE ENERGY PARADIGM, a radically transformative approach to business, employment and leadership. With an extensive educational background in Europe and America, Danielle has an international background and cultural understanding.

Having worked for the Federal Government and for Non-Profit Institutions in Washington, DC, she has gathered extensive experience in Human Capital, Human Resources and Communications consulting. This coupled with her strong background in Sales, Marketing and Business Development, led her to supporting aspiring women leaders and women leaders with empowerment, leadership and work-life balance, including health and self-care. Her approach teaches women to claim, maintain and fully stand in their own power.

Danielle specializes in highly specialized one-on-one sessions for women who seek to discover and activate their inner strength, who want to stand in their own power, who are ready to redefine and reorient their careers and lives. Her approach is highly intuitive, having direct access to information that can be used to guide individuals to make the right decisions for their careers and themselves.

Fluent in German, Danielle holds a Master's in Education and Social Foundations from the University of Virginia, a Bachelor's in Government from Smith College, as well as a Holistic Health Counselor certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Danielle is avid about an individual and customized approach to leading life. Her greatest mission is to raise two little girls to become strong women who will stand in their own power.