Dr. Victor Porak de Varna

Founder & CEO

Dr. Vic is the Founder and CEO of THE ENERGY PARADIGM, a radically transformative approach to business, employment and leadership. With an extensive international background in Human Capital and Talent Management Consulting, Dr. Vic specializes in profiling individuals, teams and organizations to boost motivation, engagement & energy by creating the right culture, frequency and vibe that makes people want to come to work. By reducing friction and heat loss that occur when people are not aligned, work in silos, don't collaborate or communicate and when workforces resist change and leadership, his aim is to transform corporate cultures to become more human. It's all about the energy of people, teams and organizations.

With over 20 years of consulting and profiling experience, Dr. Vic has supported countless individuals and a number of Global Fortune 500 companies across the Americas and Europe. He specializes in pinpointing and activating the magic that resides in people. If you look at people, teams and organizations from that perspective, workplaces and cultures transform to places that employees love to come to.

Dr. Vic holds a PhD in Communications and a Master's in Information & Technology Management from University of St. Gallen, a leading European business school in Switzerland. He has studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, one of Europe's leading engineering schools (the MIT of Switzerland). He had the honor of working with Nobel Laureate Dr. Vernon L. Smith at the Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science (ICES) at George Mason University in Arlington, VA and has attended a Piano Master Class with Moscow Conservatory. He is a trained classical pianist, has studied martial arts and is a Kundalini Yoga teacher.

Dr. Vic is fluent in French, Spanish and German.