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The Energy Paradigm helps individuals, teams and organizations step into their power and magic. Every person, team and organization has magic that wants to be activated and put to good use. We help you tap into that potential by bringing humanity to business, by seeing the pure potential that resides in everyone and by addressing the root causes that keep you, your team and your organization from reaching your goals. All you need is the right key to unlock the magic.

Humanity in Business | What we do for organizations

The Energy Paradigm offers training, consulting, coaching, and implementation tools to strengthen the human aspect of People and Culture. In a world that is increasingly dominated by information, automation and artificial intelligence, we help our corporate clients activate, engage and strengthen their workforces to withstand the increasing demands and pressures of our time. By helping our clients navigate and curate the energetic level (what happens below the surface but can be felt) of their organizations, we help them tackle the root causes of common organizational challenges such as employee disengagement, mis-hires, low motivation and performance-, change- and leadership resistance, lack of innovation, friction, stuckness or toxicity of workplaces. Our programs and methodologies are based on decades of research in Motivation, Engagement, Organizational & Human Energy and Business Profiling as well as more than 20 years of experience working with organizations worldwide. Learn more...

Pure Potential | What we do for individuals

The Energy Paradigm provides a unique, empowering and highly effective approach to help individuals identify their inner grain and energy to make smart career and life decisions. Whether you're starting out or already a seasoned professional, we help you reach your professional and personal goals. Because employment is not something you take but something you choose, we empower individuals to take full ownership of their work-life so they can show up authentically. Our methodology and programs are based on decades of experience interviewing, assessing and profiling job and promotion candidates for employers worldwide. Using that knowledge, we help you launch or redefine your career into a direction that matches your flow, energy and inner grain. Learn more...

Addressing Root Causes | How we are different

Most training and consulting solutions attempt to improve results by addressing the surface of operations, by adding amenities, helping people adopt new behaviors, implementing work-life-balance approaches or by addressing mindsets. Most of these approaches do not achieve the desired results because they fail to address the root causes of organizational and individual challenges. That is, they try to remedy behavior and attitudes without addressing their core drivers: individual and organizational energy. Without going levels deeper to address the energetic level of individuals, teams and organizations, overall performance is left to chance and outcomes will suffer. The Energy Paradigm is the world leader of Business Energetics, Organizational Profiling and Human Sustainability. We uniquely work at levels that others know exist but don't know how to address.

Our process

Our work with you begins with an analysis of your current situation—as an individual, team, or entire organization—and an in-depth assessment of your energy and the energy of your business, determining its impact on performance, targets and goals. Together, we identify and set specific target objectives that will help you track progress. We then assist you in selecting the programs, tools, and services that will enable you to address and adjust the energy in yourself, your team and your organization; and will continue working with you until you meet your objectives.


Our outcomes

By facilitating the energetic transformation of organizations, The Energy Paradigm is able to directly reduce the massive human opportunity cost in organizations. This is because our approach engages people and reduces friction. The results include lower employee turnover, increased innovation, improved collaboration and alignment, increased communication and decision-making, and greater productivity and profitability. By facilitating, accelerating and aligning collaboration and co-creation, The Energy Paradigm enables organizations to shift their energy state to significantly reduce inefficiencies and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Business Transformation Personal Transformation

Our story

Our story starts with our 20+ years of experience interviewing, assessing and profiling leaders, managers and specialists for organizations worldwide. In this line of work, we have still to meet a candidate who is not motivated, who is not driven to do well. We also still have to meet someone who does not have any talent or purpose. Everyone is driven to do well. And everyone starts a new employment highly motivated. Can you recall the energy burst you experienced when starting a new job?

Why then are we in the middle of a global employee engagement crisis? How can highly engaged employees end up in a state of complete dis-engagement and even resignation? Determined to get to the root of this malady, Dr. Victor Porak de Varna has dedicated his professional life to addressing the human side of business and corporate growth. His in-depth research has exposed the same thing time and time again. Surface remedies such as perks, programs and yet another assessment to “fix” employee turnover or disengagement are often erroneous and fleeting. Why? Because they don’t address the root cause of the problem.

The Energy Paradigm is the culmination of years of study and research into the energetic core of organizations and the people in them. Its integrated system goes beyond the physical, emotional and mental levels to the energetic core of an organization to where the true issues reside. When you “see” from that lens, the path becomes clear. It exposes the energy leaks as well as the seeds of success, often dormant or hidden. Personal job satisfaction increases, you attract the right talent and retain the right people, and everything grows -- including your bottom line.