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Energetic comes form the Greek, energitikos, meaning "active" or "engaged"

People want to thrive. Employees want to be engaged. Yet according to the Gallup Organization, only 13% of employees worldwide are truly engaged at work. Given all the investments in employee engagement initiatives and employee motivation, something is colossally wrong with this picture. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Energy Paradigm offers a new lens and a different perspective. It is a radically positive approach to uncover and energize the seeds of success, wellbeing and professional fulfillment inside you and your organization. Our years of research and study reveal that the soul of success emanates from deep within the “energy state" of individuals, teams and organizations -- beyond the physical, mental or even emotional states, beyond treating symptoms to where the root causes lie.

Understanding Business Energetics

Every organization has an energy. You can feel it, your employees can feel it, even your customers can feel it. When this energy is optimized, there is a state of alignment throughout your organization and things flow naturally. However, more often than not, when an organization’s energy is out of alignment, individuals, teams or the entire organization can slip into energetic states such as complacency, resignation or toxicity. Any one of those imbalanced energetic states results in employee disengagement, overwhelm and high turnover. That’s where The Energy Paradigm comes in.

The Energetic Approach

Our approach and tools reveal the often unnoticed energetic side of organizations. Accessing the undercurrents of organizations helps us identify “energy drains” that often block the flow of an individual, team or organization. When these are uncovered and removed, a new level of energy and enthusiasm occurs. The result: You’re back in your zone and everything grows – including your bottom line.

It’s simple. When you energize people, you energize the future. That’s the Energy Paradigm.